Discord Chatroom Invitation Link

Welcome Bruv!

You are invited to join our ‘UMR Chatroom’.

Just a few words, before you do (must read):

  1. Make sure to introduce yourself in #introductions channel.
  2. When you find time, we have a #chatwithtraders channel, please share your story in there.
  3. Maintain the privacy of our chatroom. This is #1 reason, so much alpha is shared in there.
  4. Every member can invite others. Please just don’t share the invites publicly and only invite in good people you know.
  5. Lastly, although there is no requirement of minimum experience, but we are not geared towards newbies. Most active traders in the chatroom are serious and sophisticated traders. For basic newbies questions, try google.

(expires Apr 2, 2021 ^)

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